Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the sound of rain like the touch of an angel

The atmosphere decided to rain a couple days ago.  It felt like a complete renewal of all that exists.  It was quite beautiful, and i sang to the birds and the trees.

I have been noticing the birds chirping a lot lately.  Just earlier as i was arising out of the tent in my mother's backyard, a bird chirped in the exact harmony as an ambulence would shriek.  It was quite amazing and although I often don't think about it, i am still baffled by it.  Maybe the bird was caged next to the hospital, or it had grown accustomed and had grown to like the noise emanating from the ambulence?  either way, i bet it amused to fellow birds.

most of my relatives are moving away.  Dad is going to Texas, brother to Georgia.  it seems now that I might be the loner bear, stuck in a small college drinking town with nothing but the possibility of a typing job, but the possibility of random miracles are always floating in the air. 

Many people when they hear the word miracle think about a newborn child or someone who luckily got innocent in some trial.  I tend to think of food for starving children, or rain drops during dry times, eye contact between two strangers longing for love... 

Everybody's priorities are different, everybody's needs are different, everybody's finances are different, and yet we all share commonalities that never cease to bring us togethor.

These days, I'm gonna turn towards books and music and typing, and when i think humanity can't handle all the junk it has polluted and manifested, i can always remember the weather patterns.

sometimes I think i'm an alien in a past life, or even in this life, just taking human form.  but all that aside: enjoy this nice bountiful day; the faculties of trees and of sweet honey, cool wind and bright contemplative sun are serving all our needs in plenty and with joy.

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