Sunday, May 15, 2011

as long as i keep the smile on my face, i will never look old, as long as i keep resting in truth, i will never grow old, as long as i keep loving and gazing into the eyes and heart of my elders and thinking of my loved ones as keepers of beauty and the substratum of my happiness, i will be joyous forever.. and the tunes of my soul and the sounds of God will shower me with warm water, and will bring and give and present to me the same bountiful feeling of getting sprayed will ice-cold water after playing outside as a kid.. and the woman of my dreams, compassion and intimacy, hands and fingertips, the color of our eyes.. the love of my life is my desire, & the love of my life is my pleasure.. pain.. she is the one and only and the stars and the sun so bright burning and blazing with sparkles and fireworks and bursts of light and as each burst goes off so does the chemical in my brain the releases comfort.. oh the cold days, my pained callous feet compressing snow closer to soil, my burned and strained and arthritic hands feeling , feeling more then any mans feels whilst intoxicated.. the love of my life is all that i imagine in my future, all that snaps to my sweet brain of the memories of the past, the walking to lunch from physical education, the celebration of the Master with my mother, the people and the ones in the situation that, oh, I myself was also in.. For, as i praise God so do i praise the people around, the person inside me, as i praise in every action in every thought and feeling, so do i praise the Master for in my conscious mind i see in every image the Master smiling with eyes pointed directly at me..