Friday, October 21, 2011

the world keeps turning

Well, here i am, sitting down, enjoying a nice bowl of pan seared potatoes and green beans, with a bit of high fructose corn syrup ketchup that, hopefully, won't be too harmful. It is nice though, i get a day off, a day to practice mandolin and enjoy the fresh air, bake a couple loaves of bread, find out that i actually am able to pick the song 'Gentle on My Mind' by John Hartford, no matter how simply. I had no idea how I'd do at the beginning of the semester, being busy and such, but it turns out fairly well, managing to get decent hours of rest. I watched this freakin' scary movie last night called House, it definitely discouraged a writing career, and most certainly discouraged watching any scary movies ever again.
Surprisingly it was filmed in the 1980's, considering how freakin' scary it was. Fortunately I am evening that out with this: a relaxing day watching bread rise.
I made a painting a couple days ago, it is basically a very bright house with a squirrel tight rope walking above a big pool of water. It is interesting, i'm pondering whether or not to donate it to the yearly silent art auction.
Oh well, the impression of that movie will slowly fade from my mind, the bread will rise, and the world will keep on turning. I don't think there is any way the world will end, I mean, there might be some major disaster, but the chances of Earth self-destructing is very small. Yes, we are getting warmer, but Nature tends it even itself out anyway, doesn't it?
No matter how good it will do, remind yourself: the world keeps on turning. After all, it is better then thinking the world is flat.