Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh yeah...All right..Feels good..Inside..

"Your drug is a heart breaker .. My love is a life taker.."
Such beautiful lines, although who knows what the second part means.

Friday, September 16, 2011


It is the 11 Days of Peace in Southern Illinois, possibly in areas surrounding as well. This brings to mind much nice thoughts, ha, of Peace.. And things related. It seems like the world has gotten more peaceful as the days have gone by. I say this a lot, or at least used to in high school, but as I look back through the ages it appears that the people have gotten less violent, the world more peaceful. Yes, there is corruption, pollution, and many problems of that nature still persistent in today's climate, but think of the Generations - Their progress - and where we stand 'Peacefully' today.
It is beautiful outside, I rarely see violence. In the 19 years i've been kicking, I haven't seen much violence, maybe a punch here, a kick there, but nothing serious. It could be that I was raised with spiritual values - One of the most non-religious, spiritually musical Christian denomination's: the Friends society.. and a simple Jewish temple and camp. Although through the years of adolescence and surrendering to my Mother's will, I landed in a Sufi temple, an Ashram, church, etc... I still think that all of these places provided a sound and base spiritual education, despite religious attitudes.
And so i see, in the streets, Peace. It could be this is all just an expression of Light, that I choose to see the positive in the light. After all, el Guru says that Life can be compared to a movie, with the heroes just consisting of nice colors, villains in dark colors, One concept being unable to exist without the opposite concept.. And so, as I am just traveling through the world seeing and visualizing different 'projections' of light, it could be that I just register the positive, accept the Peaceful, the benevolent...
I'm sorry for the big words, am currently in a Steno Vocabulary development class, and am quite enthusiastically working on many of the assignments! as my vocabulary is improving so also is my opinion of my intellectual capabilities! Ha. And so.. if you read this, I ask you to think about time, past present and future, and ask yourself: Is the world and the people in this world progressively becoming more peaceful, are we the same? What's going on? but don't forget the divinity and joy behind it all! And so, Merci fellow people, and good day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

'Don't think I'm a D-Bag' -Journey

Don't think I'm a d-bag! this is the song of the weekend though, played on the radio during a melancholic sunset.. must be posted.