Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rest on the Beach

The man in the black suit walked to the beach late at night and looked out into the ocean; he was a very tall man, with bright sunglasses and a beautiful figure. His girlfriend sat next to him, slender legs and a compassionate personality, a loving mysteriousness that was beautiful only to a man that could see beauty. As they lay there on the beach looking at the stars, they wondered about life, about all of its complexities and its mysteries, and they sat and just talked about whatever came to their minds. Because they were of such distant race, religions and nationality, their culture seemed to be of complete distance, they were relatives in a very farfetched way, although they still seemed to have a connection beyond any other. As they sat listening to the birds, listening to the trees blow in the wind, they continued wondering about life. A deer quickly came from behind them, and started chewing on a piece of grass. Although they didn't notice it at first, they quickly looked back and went to see the deer. It was a beautiful deer, one that seemed to be the size of an adolescent, and it was chewing on a piece of grass, looking carefully at what might be his food. As the two lovers sat in awe at the deer, its female counterpart quickly ran over and started chewing on the same piece of grass, and making quick motions to random places in space, as it ate from the piece of grass. The romantics stared blankly at the deer as they ate their piece of grass; and then, a light flashed in the distance above them. It was a very bright light almost as though a reflection of the northern lights, although they were near the equator. As the light flashed in the sky, the two deer that were eating from the piece of grass and the two humans looked up into the sky, quickly as though the bucket of joy has just been spilled on their heads. The white light was absolutely stunning, a beautifully shaped, wonderfully romantic, stunning and grotesquely beautiful shooting start shot across the sky, blinding the eye sight of the humans. The deer looked, and kept eating, as if it were another part of space that they were looking at earlier. The two humans just stared, as if blind and somehow lost all other senses as well, and the shooting star began to fade in the mysterious fade of the sky. The two looked at each other and tears began rolling down their eyes, all romantic stories that they had heard in the past and all novels of love burst into their fragile minds, as though everything they had heard and seen in the past was all of a sudden starting to resurface. As tears rolled down their cheeks, they began citing, soft and miniskewl tears almost like a mini thunder storm rolled deeply down their faces and they wondered and perceived into the future about what this could lead to. As they stared into the darkness of a closed eyelid, electrons and protons and neutrons, atoms of enormous capabilities and magical mystery started bursting, almost like fireworks, every cell in their bodies, covered in love and bliss, as their lips touched in a beautiful echo of their past and what was to become their future. All of a sudden, the sky lit up in a wave of light, a bountiful beautiful enormous wave of light blinding even the most talented creature that lived on this planet. Even the man that could see the most wondrous things in life, the rabbit that could eat carrots for its entire life and see even the most beautiful things and could just see, plainly and simply. The light lit up like a wave of water crashing onto a building, it lit up like a candle on a stormy night. The two deer stopped, eating, stopped looking at random areas of space and just simply looked up at the sky, almost joining the humans in a distant, but relative way. The sky portrayed a beautiful almost gross image of everything that a sky has to offer, and the animals including the humans were absolutely silenced by it. Although this flash of light was a beautiful picture of wonder, after a few seconds it turned out to be another shooting star, focused yet energetic raging with joy and raging with love towards a point unknown. The shooting star flashing into the sky and burst all motion into a distant echo and disappeared into the night. All that was left to see for the humans and the dear was a dark night filled with white stars, and although silenced and showered with beauty at the image previously seen, they continued their efforts, the deer kept eating, the humans kept kissing, and the shooting stars sat in the corner of the universe patiently waiting to come out and bathe the world once again.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Black Hole

Reading opinions, seeing what people have to type in this life it seems like there has been one opinion that i've come across a lot.. It is the opinion, or idea, that there are either ignorant men or wise ones. Now, the deepest of deep people, the silent, the enlightened, i find that they are the distinguishers, they claim to know of the ignorant, to know of the wise, and to classify and characterize accordingly. it seems that the artists express life more collectively. now, these are all big words, but these are the words that come to mind at this time.

maybe it is anger, maybe it is a need to flee from a life that i sometimes find sorrowful, but i think there is something ingrained in man that is much deeper then this surface 'wise' and 'ignorant'. In every decision i make, i recognize that there is sorrow in the world, there are starving children, there are holes being dug into the ground, there is death, agony beyond comprehension, or maybe not. but, as part of an act, as part of my play, i make the decision anyway. My hypothesis is that every man knows of this, knows of this pain that not just the women or the men, but the world is going through.

Maybe it is the word dispassion that has been cultured into me, but it is somewhat disheartening. It's almost as if i have gained merit, respect, i have gained a radiating glow that beings find attractive, a smile that shines... but i do feel that i have lost a childlike excitement. Maybe these words are just a black hole, maybe everything that is black is just a black hole, they say that our eyes are the gateway to the soul, and so the soul is staring right out through that gateway. When that hole stares at pure black, and colors are everywhere else except for that black, it is almost as though our soul is staring at a black hole, lost..

Maybe the scientific concept of a black hole is merely all the words that have been written or typed, all of the printed letters and pamphlets, all the luscious beautiful hair, the sky apart from the stars, or our clothes... maybe i have been so bombarded from nature that i have no choice but to live in this moment, or to claim to, and therefore have no choice but to say maybe, and not claim to know of how this Universe works. And, as from experience of reading the works of fellow typists, fellow bloggers, reading of the scriptures and of the worldly books, i can say that the reader most likely will understand yet not, and that only the typist will have an actual intimacy with what is being put into the atmosphere, who is me.

Although this post is a basic rant of the conceptual world that i find bleak, it could just be a shovel digging a hole into a hole that is labelled 'weird guy', or it could be a step towards growth, which is the way that i like to think of it as.

Honestly, this post is about a boredom with the words ignorant and wise, and familiarity and a annoyance with the usual, the spiritual texts that once were interesting.

But, i can also honestly say, that human life is exciting , interesting, and wild at the same time, and although I feel some way now, i have never felt this way before, and therefore completely and totally accept how i am feeling now.