Thursday, March 29, 2012


it's been swimming for a while, and from here on out. it is nice when life leads you to random places, but they somehow all work out and for the best. earlier today i got lost about a thousand times (well, actually only two or three), but i was driving north to find internet shoppe, and i ended up in a resting cornfield called 'archer's road.' it was actually quite beautiful, and i accepted the fact that i had no idea where this shoppe was, so i decided to rest a while and listen to a nice song on the radio. some guy playing the guitar and singing a melancholic song. it was quite nice, and i sat relaxed thinking about everything...
then, i went to where it actually was, over by the furniture store, and still couldn't find it!! so, i went into state farm and did some business which i was meaning to do for a while, and that was quite an adventure but it worked within 15 minutes and i'm pretty positive i got the good student discount. and... i found out where mediacom was!! so... in the end, i had a contract with mediacom, and would get fined a large amount if i cancelled their service, so it was completely useless, but it was such an adventure getting there!
'hey mr. tambourine man, play a song for .... i want to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free' - in the words of bob dylan in mr. tambourine man, covered beautifully by cloud cult.
you might think those lyrics are a bit wacky although i find them symbolically beautiful, the imagery is nice, whether you are comfortable acting it out or not.
hasta la vista!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Into the Ocean

It has been raining pretty steadily on this front; an average rain, a modest, delectable precipitation. The events of Life have been chaotic and somewhat Amazon-esque although i've come out alive with the help of moderate exercise and plentiful quantities of good food. The rain is relaxing, as there is a steady supply of it and it isn't as much of a rampage today. Yesterday I woke up to a fantastic yoga session in the backyard, completely unexpected. It was wonderful because some of the best things happen when you are completely immersed in Nature, as I was at the time. The trees blow in the wind, the animals come and sniff the laundry detergent leftover from the previous wash, the sky breathes its fresh air into the hairs and pores of humanity. Although the sirens of the cop cars are occasionally going off and there is a meth conference (how uncomfortable!) at the community college i'm going to, life seems pretty good, as I know a lot of these problems will just drop off like the burst of a water balloon, only to leave a small wet circle on cement that is soon to be evaporated.
It might be nice, to grab onto a balloon, and just float up into the sky and go thousands of miles into the sky, only to look down and to smell the various objects around you. Then, the balloon slowly deflates, although instead of popping, it just gradually releases some air, letting you back down and to continue your daily affairs. This would be awesome, and I think that sometime in the near future someone should invent this. What a detachment and delight for a day that is possibly soured from some unknown condition? And also, you could pick the color of the balloon, and you could bring along a bottle of water, or chocolate, or anything!
I think it's a wonderful idea, and although it may seem impossible now, who knows? For now I will just keep moderately exercising and eating palatable foods in clay bowls.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Life is such a beautiful thing, such a gift. It is so important that we spend the time we have here rejoicing. When i think about all the people in life, there are so many. It is amazing because I can think of all the people i have met and i have such an authentic relationship with each of them, so original, so fascinating. It is amazing this roller coaster of life.
I think that humans are simply animals, we are just gifted with an intellect. It is like, giraffes and lions are both animals, but giraffes are gifted with long necks. We have certain qualities just like every other animal. Animals don't look at us and are like "Oh those supreme humans, they are so stupid, they get to lord it over material nature, I wish I was one of them." No, I think that animals look at us and they see another animal, a human. They just don't have that faculty to judge. Yes, we laugh and we print money but it is because it is in our nature. In the same way, cats meow, and dogs eat poop, but it is because it is in their nature, this is how they have evolved over time.

I think getting back to our essential humanness is the key to life. Watching videos on youtube about saint-like Hyenas and messianic Lions that help each other and fellow animals of different categories, makes me think of humans. We are fundamentally human, and accepting our bad qualities and good qualities and being grateful, makes us the animal that we truly are. It is our quest to be fully human and to live life 100% with love and ferociousness that makes life so grand; so joyful.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Poetic Devices

Art is the magnificent expression of depression, symbolically leading to the lessening of the tight grip of mania. Breathing, living, loving; these are the phenomenal expression of mania, cutting the constrictive vine of depression at its very source. These two aesthetic categories mix and match in a beautiful manifestation of Life, as the nature of all beings, interconnecting us all and kindling a balance unlike any other, a balance which is a base supporting joy, compassion, and various other pleasures. Honoring the diversity and accepting the One is the plateau I have come to at this point in Life, and it feels nice. Singing from the core of my soul, to the core of the Earth and to the expansive mystery of the sky is the greatest gift I can give to whatever it is that allows us to be.