Sunday, April 15, 2012


the weather is blistering outside, as in, it is beautiful. the soft mix of dullness and overstimulation continually renews life, bringing new experiences to the door step and blown gently through the window. passover and easter were just last week, so a rare combination of love manifested in the hearts of most religions.
one positivity of growing older is that i have lost the fear of different races and religions. it seems that i got some impressions growing up about what ethnicity is scary, and various stereotypes about various people. a lot of that has fallen off, and although i still sometimes think about how something is connected to a certain type of people, it is lighter, and there is mutual respect because we both see that in each other.
sometimes i wish i could talk to people at all times and at every moment, they are that cherished. but then i realize that it is just that my concept of time has gotten different. i am actually growing very close to these people, and i see them even more then i used to, but i cherish them so much that it seems like it has been a while.
it is fun to immerse yourself completely in any given situation or environment. last night i was able to join in the asian student association's iron chef competition and it was a blast. i felt like i was so dynamic that i was actually part of the student association, part of even the organizers of the event. although meat was being served, i felt like it was for the greater cause. hundreds of students showed up, and beautiful dishes were being served on beautiful plates. there were about 8 teams and they were pretty much of every imaginable ethnicity: malaysian, taiwanese, polish, latin american, one jewish guy. it was a magnificent experience, and i got to film it. i usually don't like filming anything, as i feel like watching t.v. isn't the best thing for the world, but as it was a new activity, a new immersion, it was fun.
We all got fed, and generally humans enjoy having a camera on them...

Yoga rave was a blast, it was similar in energy and FASTNESS but with more smiling faces and no meat eating (and no drugs and alcohol), plus tons of joy - TONS.

Oh well, i will continue to be safe in this life, breathing in the ups and downs and breathing out service. maybe the roller coaster i am currently on is about to fall off its track and start flying in some unknown direction, spinning violently into the outskirts of space, and maybe it will continue on its track, doing various loops and spins. I don't know. but what i do know, is that as i have abandoned some practices and concepts, i have gained others, and all of the people i have met are and continue to be wonderful friends.

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