Thursday, March 29, 2012


it's been swimming for a while, and from here on out. it is nice when life leads you to random places, but they somehow all work out and for the best. earlier today i got lost about a thousand times (well, actually only two or three), but i was driving north to find internet shoppe, and i ended up in a resting cornfield called 'archer's road.' it was actually quite beautiful, and i accepted the fact that i had no idea where this shoppe was, so i decided to rest a while and listen to a nice song on the radio. some guy playing the guitar and singing a melancholic song. it was quite nice, and i sat relaxed thinking about everything...
then, i went to where it actually was, over by the furniture store, and still couldn't find it!! so, i went into state farm and did some business which i was meaning to do for a while, and that was quite an adventure but it worked within 15 minutes and i'm pretty positive i got the good student discount. and... i found out where mediacom was!! so... in the end, i had a contract with mediacom, and would get fined a large amount if i cancelled their service, so it was completely useless, but it was such an adventure getting there!
'hey mr. tambourine man, play a song for .... i want to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free' - in the words of bob dylan in mr. tambourine man, covered beautifully by cloud cult.
you might think those lyrics are a bit wacky although i find them symbolically beautiful, the imagery is nice, whether you are comfortable acting it out or not.
hasta la vista!!

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